The Crew

Keone Maher - Project Manager

Sales, Contracting, Customer Relations

Caleb Creaven - Lead Designer

Design concepts, 3-D models, Floor plans

Build Team

Makaio Maher - Lead Carpenter/ Timber Framer

It only took one timberframe to convince me that this is the way I want to build. Everyday, either in the shop or on the site my work and crew inspire me. Timberframing is the best combination of beauty and strength. To build and live in a post and beam is to understand and appreciate one.

David Babson - Lead Carpenter / Timber Framer

I bring a vision of buildings that honor the resources of the region they're built in. We must have homes that take care of the earth, not waste it.

Luke Thompson - Lead Carpenter / Timber Framer

I have always loved woodworking from a very young age. I'm always looking for the right tool for the job, and if I can't find it- I get a bigger hammer.

Jeb Harris - Lead Carpenter / Timber Framer

I'm out here for the Love of Life
Love of community
Love of my friends
And the love of a sharp chisel.
We build them good
and we build them to last.

Ira Friedman - Timber Framer

Ben Trevits - Timber Framer / Mill Manager

Simon Murray - Timber Framer / Furniture Maker

Keith Stone - Sawyer


Partial funding for this project was provided by NCIC through a Rural Business Enterprise Grant from USDA Rural Development.