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O2C Viewer for DataCad Models

Designers consulting On-Site
Designers consulting On-Site
Designers consulting On-Site

Computer Aided Design

We have several of our designs available as o2c 3-D models for PC users only. Please go to for a free download of the 3-D viewing program. Please note that there is no compatible Apple 3-D viewer at this time.


o2c_2Go! is a freely-distributable version of o2c_Interactive! that allows your clients to view presentations and walk through rendered models. o2c is an acronym for Objects to See. o2c is a highly compressed 3D format that is optimized for internet-based communication.
Here are samples of houses we have designed and built:


Download o2c viewer


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Our Mission


To build structures and
communities that are beautiful
and sustainable.
To use local resources and the highest quality materials and methods.
To maximize energy eff

Partial funding for this project was provided by NCIC through a Rural Business Enterprise Grant from USDA Rural Development.