Vermont Custom Home Design


Vermont Custom Home Design

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From dreams to drawings-

Our design process involves six steps and begins with:

Creating the Concept

During the concept period we try to “define boundaries” such as budget and square footage. Site visits, meetings, phone calls, and e-mail allow the design team and the client to participate freely in this process.

The Feasibility Study

We then perform a Feasibility Study of the project to determine if the estimated scope of work is compatible with the desired budget.

Design Development

Next would be the Design Development phase which gives shape, roof lines, and a face, windows and doors, to the building. Choices of materials, methods, and styles must be agreed upon and finalized so that the process can move forward. To learn more about computer aided design, check out our o2c page.

Construction Drawings

Upon design development approval we move on to the Construction Drawings. The construction drawings will give the project actual dimensions and scale.

The Bidding Phase

With the construction drawings in hand we are then ready to move into the Bidding phase. We will use this time to acquire competitive estimates from subcontractors. This allows us to put together a fixed contract amount for the construction of the project.

Design Support

Lastly, the designer attached to your project will act in Support throughout the building process as well as in the 1 year warranty period following the date of substantial completion.


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“It's been avery comforting experience. We shared a lot of design ideas [with OSB]. And we've always been on the same plane. We could trust each other with ideas and direction. There was a huge comfort in the fact that we could do what we needed in Boston – and everything with the house would be taken care of.”


~Chris Segalini











Segalini Brothers Vermont Barn Home

Partial funding for this project was provided by NCIC through a Rural Business Enterprise Grant from USDA Rural Development.