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Vermont Timber Framing

Custom Sawn Timbers
Timber Frame Raising
Mournig Tree


The first step in creating your frame is turning logs into
timbers on our mill. Our frames are often milled to order.
Using the shop plans created in the design process our master
craftsmen use a combination of new and old tools to cut and
shape your frame.


The deck is then constructed on site. We typically build a timber deck with tongue and groove floor boards giving you a finished ceiling in the basement.


The week of the raising we pre-assemble your frame in either bents or walls so that raising day goes smoothly and efficiently.


Once the bents or walls are assembled we schedule for a crane and plan for your raising day. We cater these joyous community celebrations attended by your friends and neighbors. Our full crew works all day until your entire frame and roof is standing. As a final touch, we invite you to attach the "mourning tree" at the peak thanking the trees for their





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“Old School Builders are totally dependable, their work is amazing – but what really stands out is their spirit. They love what they do and they’re passionate. I would recommend them to anyone. It was a very positive experience.”


~Jan Blondin














Timber Frame Great Room

Partial funding for this project was provided by NCIC through a Rural Business Enterprise Grant from USDA Rural Development.